Saturday, April 3, 2010

The hollow tree

During our trek to Roopkund in the Himalayas last year, we stopped for a breather in this little clearing. It was the first day of our real climb upto the Bugilas and we were beginning to feel the strain!!!There had obviously been a forest fire at some point so this tree had been burnt. The fire hadn't been able to destroy the tree though, as new shoots had started and fresh leaves were out. I love trees...and this one seemed so amazingly strong and indestructible. The colours were wonderful, browns and blacks...and then the amazing greens of the new shoots. I made a pencil sketch of it and have been wanting to paint a water colour of it ever since....finally did it today!


  1. This is brilliant!! Priya pishi is still waiting for the one you promised her :o)

  2. I love the green stripes in the background contrasting with the brown- very effective Ma.